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4 Lessons You Can Learn From Dexter Morgan

Serial killers might not be the world’s best role models but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from them. Dexter Morgan successfully juggles his police work and urge to kill, maintains a relatively happy marriage, has sex with a string of attractive women and manages to stay perfectly trim and healthy without ever apparently going to the gym or getting a full night’s sleep. Young fathers, the emotionally crippled and assassins can learn a lot from Miami’s finest blood guy.

Things like… Continue reading

4 Lessons You Can Learn From Walter White

*Spoiler Alert*The following article contains spoilers concerning the popular AMC television series Breaking Bad and so should not be read by people who might not wish to know how Walter White dies/wins/retires to the Mexican countryside to grow apples and form an enduring comedic triple act with Jesse and Saul… Walt being the straight-man.

There are a lot things you can learn from Walter White. Throughout five years of Breaking Bad we’ve seen him dodge death, crash cars and wrinkle like a prune while struggling to maintain an increasingly unorthodox family life as his empire building business went imperial. Continue reading

The Easy Way to Improve Poor Quality TV

So the Olympics is upon us. Well they would be if it was summer 2012, which it might be (right now it’s not, unless it is). Anyway the BBC have announced quite the innovation for the London Olympics, it’ll be three-dimensional, unlike the 2D China Games which was  predominantly populated by the cast of South Park and the infamous one-dimensional Athens games which featured a group of anatomical squiggles. Continue reading