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The Benefits of Peaceful Protests

Over sixty thousand people gather in Madrid’s central square, police have to bar occupation of London’s Stock Exchange and Bo Diddley’s son gets arrested for occupying a plaza named after his late father, it’s clearly been something of a slow news week. Also, 70 million people realize that money can buy the love of a beautiful hooker but not a consistently functioning smartphone. Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Disappointing the World

The old election campaign Obama was back in all his oratorial glory when he announced the new job creation bill: a fire we haven’t seen for three years. Glen Beck was quick to tear it apart on GBTV, with a rage that has never dimmed. Continue reading

How to Oversimplify a Complicated Issue

There’s nothing like a good riot to bring out the hate in people.

At the moment some 90 year old on Sky News says he would have killed all the London rioters if he had a chance. Joey Barton would have preferred the army to have sorted them out. David Cameron would have probably been happy with the police.

Shame he said their reaction to the whole thing was a bit rubbish. And is going ahead with 20 per cent police budget cuts. Perhaps we should have had Dave out policing Tottenham. He would have known what to do. Continue reading