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Useless Quotes — May 2013

So it’s May, at least it was when this was written, it might not be anymore. In fact it’s probably not May and almost certainly not May 2013 and never will be again, unless, of course, time is cyclical.

Anyway, here are some more inspirational quotes, intermittently funny quotes and generally useless ones.

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Useless Quotes — April 2013

OK, it’s April and that can only mean one thing (it’s April!) also here are some more worthlessly inspiration useless proverbs, to help get you through the long lonely days of the year’s cruelest month.

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Useless Quotes — March 2013

Some March flavoured quotations to feast your screen-top on. We’ve reached the heady heights of the simpering 20s, and you know what that means… absolutely nothing.

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Useless Quotes — February 2013

It’s time for another batch of absorbingly concise and often unintentionally hilarious motivational quotes. This month’s are almost certainly the worst Useless Quotes yet. So sit back (for about 23 seconds) and enjoy at least one more instalment of quotes designed to make cats love oysters. Or something like that.

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Useless Quotes — January 2013

It’s a new year and what better way to celebrate failing to keep your resolutions than by cheerfully wading through the latest batch of inspirationally uninspiring sentences, funny quotes and monster rock anthems.

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Useless Quotes — December 2012

Brand new bag of quotes, commas and rectangular boxes; each numerically higher than the last.

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Useless Quotes — November 2012

Fresh, and technically first, batch of incredibly inspirational, motivational and hydrodynamic quotes for November. All quotes are inspirational but some quotes are created less equally than others.

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