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How to Win Friends and Influence People

Really all we want in life is to have friends. Well, that and to be able to twist people round our little finger like guitar strings or a human invertebrate. Unfortunately in this cold impersonal world of ours it can be hard to meet new people and it can be even tougher to force them to like you. Luckily it’s actually quite easy to win friends and influence people, all you need is some handy advice, perseverance, and a great smile.

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4 Lessons You Can Learn From Dexter Morgan

Serial killers might not be the world’s best role models but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from them. Dexter Morgan successfully juggles his police work and urge to kill, maintains a relatively happy marriage, has sex with a string of attractive women and manages to stay perfectly trim and healthy without ever apparently going to the gym or getting a full night’s sleep. Young fathers, the emotionally crippled and assassins can learn a lot from Miami’s finest blood guy.

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How to Be a Great Internet Troll

It must be tough being an internet troll; the subsection of bridge dwellers who seem to actively wish misery, death and heterosexuality on large sections of the online community.  It’s probably not a job most people dream of. However, if you are one of those willing to both endure and encourage anonymous online hatred and really want to be a great internet troll, here’s how. Continue reading