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An Idiot’s Guide to Facebook Etiquette — Part II

As discussed previously (in An Idiot’s Guide to Facebook Etiquette) the world of Facebook is a terrifying place; especially for those unused to social networking or scared of white-space. We’ve already guided you through the basics in Part I, now it’s time to take things a step further and discuss Facebook and self-promotion, chain-status updates and the always heart-warming world of frape. Continue reading

4 Lessons You Can Learn From Walter White

*Spoiler Alert*The following article contains spoilers concerning the popular AMC television series Breaking Bad and so should not be read by people who might not wish to know how Walter White dies/wins/retires to the Mexican countryside to grow apples and form an enduring comedic triple act with Jesse and Saul… Walt being the straight-man.

There are a lot things you can learn from Walter White. Throughout five years of Breaking Bad we’ve seen him dodge death, crash cars and wrinkle like a prune while struggling to maintain an increasingly unorthodox family life as his empire building business went imperial. Continue reading

An Idiot’s Guide to Facebook Etiquette

Facebook can be quite confusing for the uninitiated. “Like” buttons, status updates, poking! It’s just too much for some people. Luckily help is at hand. Just follow this almost helpful Idiot’s Guide to Facebook Etiquette and soon you too will be interacting with “friends”  you’ve never even spoken to. Continue reading

Festival Fitness in Just 4 Days

So festival season is upon us once again and you’ve got two options: you can blunder into it without any guidance at all, with all the grace of a blind rhinoceros or prepare yourself with this handy guide to getting festival fit. With our help you’ll soon be able to tackle any obstacle that might get thrown your way over an alcohol soaked, music filled weekend and all in just four days! Continue reading

How to Bluff Your Way Through the Olympics

In case you hadn’t noticed there is something of a large and woefully under publicised sports event coming London’s way pretty soon. It’s called the Olympic Games and when it shuffles its highly trained feet into town everyone is going to be an expert on it, overnight. Suddenly, vaguely knowing the difference between the Hammers and the Canaries is not going to get you through Friday night drinks with your friends. It’ll be a prerequisite to know the rules to sports no one even knows exist three out of every four years. Continue reading

How to Oversimplify a Complicated Issue

There’s nothing like a good riot to bring out the hate in people.

At the moment some 90 year old on Sky News says he would have killed all the London rioters if he had a chance. Joey Barton would have preferred the army to have sorted them out. David Cameron would have probably been happy with the police.

Shame he said their reaction to the whole thing was a bit rubbish. And is going ahead with 20 per cent police budget cuts. Perhaps we should have had Dave out policing Tottenham. He would have known what to do. Continue reading