What to Discuss With a Demolition Contractor Before Work Begins

Having your home or another building demolished can be a good option if you want to rebuild on the same spot but the current structure is beyond repair or renovation. For a homeowner, it can allow you to easily update your house without having to consider how you might change the footprint, deal with current structural damage, and the like. If you are thinking of having your home demolished, no doubt your demolition contractor (like Dig Dig Pty Ltd) has covered many details with you already. However, note a few things you might want to bring up to ensure you're ready for the work to begin.

Ask if ground vibration might cause damage to other outbuildings

Be sure your contractor is aware of any outbuildings on your property, including greenhouses, silos, and the like. These might be damaged by vibrations from heavy-duty equipment and from an implosion used for demolition. They might need to change their methods of demolition to avoid this damage, or want to inspect those buildings to note their overall structural strength. Don't assume that a demolition contractor will know about these buildings or that they won't be damaged because of the work, but be sure you note them to your contractor and have them inspected well before the demolition is scheduled.

Note any underground sprinklers or other items on your property

A demolition contractor should know about underground sprinklers as well as cables, electrical wires, and wells. They will usually have someone from the city come out and mark off buried power lines and such materials, but this person from the city may not mark off your own well, rainwater tank, and the like. While there may be little risk of them being damaged from the work, you don't want to assume that ground vibration won't affect their overall security; have your demolition contractor inspect them along with your other outbuildings and ensure they will be protected during the work.

Ask if you can or should remove items inside the home

It might be easier for your demolition contractor if you were to remove items like flooring, drywall, kitchen cabinets, porcelain appliances, and the like, but some may not want you to remove those items before the demolition. Some demolition contractors get money from recyclable items they bring to a recycling center, so they don't want you to pick through them. However, some might find it easier to demolish your home if it's virtually stripped on the inside. Before you assume how to handle your home's interior, ask about removing these items.